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Remote Walks.

All walking off the Main Track system is designated as remote walking by National Parks and requires registration with the Park's staff. The Rangers need to assess the suitability of the individual's, or group's, experience level for the intended walk and to pass on up to date information on what to expect.

The Devil's Signpost.

The track to the Devil's Signpost leaves the Rockpool track and climbs Mina Ridge, and then Clematis Ridge, until it reaches its destination. The Signpost is essentially a piece of the cliff that has been left behind as erosion has forced the main cliff line to retreat. At an elevation higher than that of Boolimba Bluff, the Devil's Signpost offers amazing views of the Gorge Mouth, Kooramindangie Plain, the cliffs around Warrumbah Bluff, and (if visibility is good) the Expedition Range far to the east.

The track can be indistinct at times and is marked by red and yellow diamonds nailed to trees. It covers around 2.5 km, one way, and is a constant climb. Vegetation is quite different to that of the Gorge floor, and the wildlife follows suit to a degree. This is an exposed trail, and best done early in the morning.

Battleship Spur.

The trip to Battleship Spur, by the shortest route, is 14 kilometres and gains around 600 metres in elevation over the last 4.5 kilometres. Walkers can camp at Battleship Spur (with a booking) and Australian Nature Guides recommends that if you are going to make the effort then you may as well camp and see the place at its best - at sunset and sunrise. You can pitch your tent looking straight down the Gorge, and in the morning all you need to do is roll back the flap to watch the sun rise over the sandstone cliffs. Pure magic.

Contact the Rangers to book the site and register for a remote walk. Water can be a bit of an issue on this walk, so chat to them about what options are currently available.

Beyond Big Bend.

There are another 25 kilometres of Carnarvon Gorge to explore beyond Big Bend. Those wishing to traverse its entire length would be well advised to split into two parties to avoid having to walk back to their transport home. One party should go from the Information Centre end, the other from the Mount Moffatt end. Providing noone gets geographically challenged (lost), the two parties should meet halfway and can swap car keys.

The Great Walk.

Carnarvon National Park Now has a Great Walk. Walkers commence from Carnarvon Gorge, walk to Big bend, up to Battleship Spur, over the range into the Mount Moffatt section, up the range again onto the Consuelo Tableland to the Gorge's North, and then down off the Tableland, returning to the Gorge via Boolimba Bluff.

Pegged as a 5-6 day walk, it has shelters and water provided near designated camping zones and is clearly marked. Availability of the Great Walk is subject to weather and may not be open all year round.

Soft Option.

For those wanting a taste of what the Gorge has to offer off the beaten track, Australian Nature Guides has a tour named exactly that... the Off the Beaten Track tour. In the safety of Simon's experienced hands, you can venture into some of the Gorge's untracked terrain see areas few people get to access. Head to ANG Tours for more information.

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